Awards and Recognition

A variety of awards are available to Venturers who accomplish specific achievements. These awards include:


ALPS Award Program (2014-current)


Orginal Award Program (1998-2014)


Specialty Awards

Venturing Celebration Dinner

May 25, 2017


   This year we present and recognize the Venturing Discovery, Pathfinder and Summit Awards.  Along with those awards, the Venturing Ranger, Quest, TRUST, Sea Scout Quartermaster, Venturing Leadership, and Venturing Servant Leader Awards will be presented.



Nominations for the Venturing Leadership Award (Youth) and Servant Leader Award (Adult) are due by April 1. (Nomination form)

In order for advancements to be recognized, advancement reports must be filed by May 1 at the Council Offices.


The Venturing Ranger, Quest, TRUST, Summit and Sea Scout Quartermaster will be presented by the Council (free of charge) for those attending the dinner. The VOA Outstanding Service Award, as well as the Venturing Leadership and Venturing Servant Leader, will also be presented as in previous years.

Other awards designed to provide recognition for youth and adults include:




The Greater St. Louis Area Council is very proud of all of our award recipients.

Please take the time to view the recipient pages for each award and congratulate these young adults on their accomplishments.