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VOA Outstanding Service Award

The Venturing Officers' Association is rather unique across the country.  Though many Councils have established VOAs, EVOAs, or Teen Leader Councils, not many have established one that also contains District VOAs as part of the organization.  In this regard, the VOA of the Greater St. Louis Council is a rather unique organization as it comes to VOA.  Furthermore, running the activities, trainings, events, meetings, and communications of a group this size is quite a large task.  All told, on average more than fifty people per year have been involved in the VOA at either the Council or District levels.

In order to recognize the hard work of those involved in the organization, the VOA created the Outstanding Service Award in 2008.  This award is given by the members of the VOA to those who have gone above and beyond in their service to the Greater Saint Louis Area Council Venturing Programs.  It is only given to at most one Venturer and Advisor annually.  The youth select the Advisor and the adults select the Venturer.  The award is a secret to the recipient until the award is given to them at the Celebration Dinner.

VOA Outstanding Service Award Recipients:

  • Abernathy, Jeff (2009)
  • Abernathy, Lisa (2011)
  • Ford, Chris (2010)
  • Hervey, Afton (2017)
  • Holland, Jessica (2008)
  • Kaul, Adam (2015)
  • Kaul, Randy (2016)
  • Kost, Kenneth Michael (2017)
  • Mausshardt, Chris (2016)
  • Mausshardt, Emily (2014)
  • Mircsov, Eric (2013)
  • O'Donnell, Michael (2015)
  • Schneider, Elizabeth (2013)
  • Smith, Allison (2011)
  • Smith, Debbie (2008)
  • Vogt, Amanda (2009)
  • Vogt, Christina (2012)
  • Vogt, Robert (2014)
  • Ward, Sarah (2010)
  • Yahl, Timothy (2012)