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Venturing ALPS

The Venturing shorthand for the areas of emphasis is ALPS -- Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth, and Service.  The Venturing awards and recognitions programs are designed to help Venturers grow in the areas of adventure, leadership, personal development, and service. Awards serve as benchmarks that give Venturers a structure for developing their own personal vision into manageable goals that lead to recognition by their peers, mentors, and the larger community.


The Venturing awards program has four levels:

  • All Venturers should earn the Venturing Award soon after formally joining the program.
  • Venturers then proceed by earning the Discovery and Pathfinder awards.
  • Finally, Venturers earn the Summit Award, in which a young person formally serves as a mentor to other Venturers in his or her crew. 


Venturing is a flexible program, and the awards program is designed to help all Venturers, no matter what their crew specialty, to grow and develop.


To learn more about each of the awards, click the award to learn more.





Venturing Award

Venturing AwardThe first step in any journey or experience is having the courage to begin.  Right from the beginning of your Venturing experience, you will learn about Venturing, what the crew does, and making a commitment to the principle of Venturing.  The first level of recognition marks your commitment to join and move forward into the adventure of Venturing.

  • Award Focus: Joining
    • Commitment to a new experience
    • BSA training on personal safety





Discovery Award

Discovery AwardThe second level of the Venturing award system is all about participation and preparing for leadership.  As you become more active in the crew, you will discover talents and gain skills that will help you lead and serve others.  You will gradually recognize the vast opportunies awating you.

  • Award Focus: Participation
    • Small-group management skills training
    • Earn first-aid and CPR certifications
    • Goal-setting training
    • Time-management training
    • Minimum of 24 hours of service
    • Establish and achieve at least one personal goal, including peer and advisor review





Pathfinder Award

Pathfinder AwardAt this level, you will demonstrate your leadership skills by organizing and guiding the crew on adventures.  You will continue to deliver service to others, including your crew--to ensure that it remains a strong and viable team.  The goals you set and achieve will continue to help you grow as an individual.  You will experience both formal and hands-on training to facilitate growth in this area.

  • Award Focus: Leadership
    • Project management training
    • Plan and lead at least one crew activity of one day or longer
    • Serve in elected leadership position for six months or more
    • Experiential training in conflict resolution, communications, group dynamics, cooperation, and ethical controversies
    • Plan and lead activity to enhance crew sustainability
    • Plan and participate in service of 36 hours or more
    • Establish and achieve two personal goals




Summit Award

Summit AwardThe Summit Award represents Venturing's highest honor.  To achieve this ultimate recognition, you will serve the crew as a leader--both formally and informally--and you will be a mentor to others.  In addition, you will stregthen your community by designing and leading a service progect to benefit others.  The experiences gained in earning this award will help you mature as a member of a team and as an individual.


Summit Medal

Those who earn the Summit Award are marked as effective leaders, conscientous servants of others, men and women of integrity who live the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and who are capable of setting and achieving ambitious goals, all while living life as an adventure.  Future employers and others in the community will know that those who complete the award are not only "finishers," but that they have developed skills and capabilities that prepare them for success in life.

  • Award Focus: Mentoring
    • Mentoring and coaching skills training
    • Mentor a crew member in planning and leadership of crew activity
    • Serve in elected leadership position for six months
    • Lead the delivery of small-group management skills and training
    • Complete advanced leadership training
    • Plan, develop, and give leadership to community service project
    • Complete goal development and planning for all realms of personal growth
    • Create personal code of conduct for review by peers and adult advisors
    • Lead and guide ethical controversy and conflict resolution discussion with crew