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NYLT-Pack and Paddle

During the week of July 19 through July 25, 2015 is an exiciting adventure for Venturers.  This is a great opportunity for any Venturer. National Youth Leadership Training is a week long training course that provides youth leaders with a chance to enhance their leadership skills in an exciting environment.  These skills can be brought back to the Venturer's crew and even used in everyday life.  This unique experience will be offered to Venturers in a Pack and Paddle environment.

Over the course of the week you'll explore parts of S~F that you've never seen. When you sign up for the week, you and other Venturers from across the council will form a crew for the week. Your crew will backpack through the backwoods of S bar F Scout Ranch during one half of the week and then paddling across 270 acre Nim's lake during the rest of the week.  

The NYLT course centers around the concepts of what a leader must BE, what he or she must KNOW, and what he or she must DO.  The key elements are then taught with a clear focus on HOW TO.  The skills come alive during the week as the crew goes on a Quest for the Meaning of Leadership. 

The course costs TBD.  Applications are coming soon.

A youth must be familiar enough with the outdoors that they are able to participate in the Pack'n Paddle program, including passing a Swimmer's test. In addition the youth's Venturing Advisor must have taken Venturing Specific Leader Training. The youth must also be recommended by the Advisor. A youth should also have taken the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews or Troops.

S bar F Scout Ranch Knob Lick, MO
United States
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